FAQ about DUI

You can enter answers and more questions about DUI here.  You should create a separate sub page for each answer pertaining to DUI questions:

  • What to do when stopped for DUI or drunk driving
  • What to say when questioned for DUI or drunk driving
  • What you should know about Field Sobriety Tests
  • What to do when you are given a choice of blood or breath test
  • What to do if you are denied a blood test
  • Be polite to police officers
  • When the police videotape your DUI arrest
  • Making a list of details about your DUI arrest
  • Contact an experienced DUI attorney in Lansing
  • Your drivers license
  • Maintain your vehicle to avoid DUI stops
  • Avoid a DUI arrest for sleeping in your car
  • Don’t use mouthwash to avoid a DUI

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